Department of Electrical Engineering Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering offers two programmes, Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical ) (Hons) (Industrial Power) and Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical) (Hons) (Robotic and Automation)

Industrial Power (RY31)

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) (Industrial Power) is a programme offered under Department of Electrical Engineering. This programme is focuses on the needs of leading electrical engineering technologies to develop an engineer that have more practical skills and knowledge to solve the real problems at the workplace. This programme is known for quality and responsiveness to industry. In addition to a solid foundation in industrial power concepts, students will learn the most current and relevant topics for today’s advanced technologies. Real world theory and applications are emphasizes throughout the in industrial power technology degree program and theory is balanced with extensive hands- on experience

Career Opportunities

There is a high demand for highly skilled electrical engineer in private and government sector especially in maintenance, operation and electrical services. Career prospect for our graduates are very promising. Among the fields that may be ventured into by the graduates are :-

  • Electrical power distribution sector
  • Electronic and instrumentation sector
  • Renewable energy and energy management sector
  • Education sector
  • Manufacturing sector

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) (Robotic and Automation) (RY32)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology (Hons) (robotic & Automation) is a new programme offered in UniMAP. This programme is a multi-diciplinary field that is synergistic of electrical, mechanical, electronic, control and computer engineering discipline which enables its graduates having good theoretical and practical-oriented knowledge of integrated mechatronic systems to cater for the needs in the robotics and automation industry.

The curriculum of the programme is designed to produced graduate professionals who equipped with analytical skills and ability  to work in all multidisciplinary engineering fields and industries. In addition to a solid foundation in machatronics concepts, Engineering Technology Degree students learn the most current relevant topics for today’s advanced technologies. Additionally, the learning environment will be more enjoyable and competitive with good mixture between local and international students.

Career Opportunities

Robotic and Automation Engineering graduates in these areas will have the ability to  engage in the design, research and development, consultancy, education, manufacturing,  construction, maintenance, sales and management in many industries such as mufacturing, processing, automotive, aviation and shipping, mining and services, communications and building services and medical industries. Among of the firms that had offered employment opportunisities to the graduates of these areas are as follow :-

  • Vehicle making and installation firms
  • Home making appliances firms
  • Electronic product firms
  • Plant food processors
  • Oil and gas companies
  • High-tech firms
  • Consultant firms
  • Engineering & product development firms
  • Automation system firms
  • Bio-medical engineering firms
  • Software development firms
  • Research & development firms
  • Hospitals
  • Companies, maintenance and repair firms of medical equipment
  • Companies, marketing and sale firms of medical equipment
  • Manufacturing industry of medical instrumentation
  • Education and training (universities, polytechnics and colleges)